Fringe Jazz Fest is one of Denmark's leading music events celebrating New Orleans culture and takes place during Copenhagen Jazz Festival in the beginning of July. Experience more than 20 concerters with Danish and International top artists, artist talks, jazzbanko, workshops, late night parties, soul-food and streetparade.

Next festival will take place 2021. Follow us at facebook and at this page for news.


July 22th 2019
Best festival so far with great events, shows, food and loads and loads of people attending our festival. Thank you so much for coming out. Also thanks to all grants, sponsors, partners, volunteers and all musicians from all over the world.

July 7th 2019
We had an amazing kick off of Fringe Jazz Fest 2019. Amazing show, audience and as many attendants as never before. For the people who went to Tricia Bouttés cooking class, here is the recipe:

Teedy Cooks

June 21st 2019
Get yourself a "That NOLA thing" wristband to support the festival.

Fringe Jazz Fest celebrates New Orleans culture every year presenting lots of free concerts and events in Byhaven. Help us continue the party and buy a wrist band. The donation will be used booking music, pay the sound engineer.

You decide the price yourself and you can get the wristband in Byhaven July 5-13th during CPH Jazz Festival. All people who donate will be a part of the competition of winner a giftcard to Restaurant Uformel worth 1000 kr.

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About JBL Music

JBL Music presents the BEST of young funky New Orleans music from Denmark and New Orleans. The company is promoting a handfull of bands and international artist and is also organizing some of the BIGGEST New Orleans music events in Copenhagen
There is a wave of young Danish bands inspired by the new sounds from New Orleans. FUNKY brass band, Mardi Gras indian music and 2nd line grooves are now a big part of the Danish jazz scene and JBL Music is presenting some of the best bands in Denmark playing these styles and organizes MAIN events in Copenhagen related to this style of music.
JBL Music is run by musicians and jazz entrepreneur and organizer Johan Bylling Lang. He was born 1981 in Denmark and started playing music as 13 years old and graduated as Cand. musicae and saxophonist and music teacher 2008 from Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium (RMC) in Copenhagen. While making a living as musician in various bands, Johan Bylling Lang also puts alot of love and energy into organizing events.

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